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The Canadian Journal of Feminist Spirituality

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Exploring current events and issues of the moment, Voices is a general interest magazine providing a venue in which people representing diverse cultures, traditions and beliefs can enter into dialogue and share their insights into social, cultural, ethical and spiritual questions.

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Comparing Notes
Christians, Muslims and Jews on Creation
Sikhs and Others on Universality and Justice

In Toronto, a conference on creation engaged subjects as diverse as bioethics, refugees and feminist interpretations of the Qur’an. In Montreal, a multifaith gathering celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. Voices presents highlights of these two stimulating symposia.

Also: competing strains of Arabic in Morocco, shock radio in Quebec City, girlie men in the Bible and U.S. politics, the whisper of God in all of us, and much more.

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21web2x25.gif - 18333 Bytes Safe, Sacred or for Sale?
The Spirituality and Politics of Water

The rain falling in Canada has graced offering bowls in Tibet, cleansed hands in Iran, blessed foreheads in England and housed the Father of the Fish in Amazonia. It is no surprise that water is treated as sacred, symbolic or significant around the world. Yet in many parts it is also in short supply, disease-ridden or undrinkable, and as such has become highly politicized and the source of tremendous conflict.

The Fall 2004 issue of Voices looks at the spiritual and secular uses and meanings of one of life's most basic substances.

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Don't Miss Vol.1 #3 (Summer 2004)
13web15x2.png - 34899 Bytes Community-To-Go
Shifting Attachments in a High-Speed World

Is a sense of community essential for human happiness? Does our fast-paced high-tech culture allow for communities to develop and thrive? Or perhaps the very fluidity of this high-speed culture brings its own conditions for new forms of communities to emerge?

The Summer 2004 issue of Voices explores what it is to live in and out of community in the 21st century. Contents and samples available from the links on the left.

Some articles now posted.

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vab1220.png - 18080 Bytes Still Available: Vol.1 #2 (Winter 2003-4)
Designer Babies
The Manipulation of Human Life
The Winter 2003-4 issue of Voices Across Boundaries covers: the ethics of human cloning, choosing your baby's sex and India's missing girls. Read a rainbow of writers including Margaret Somerville, Stephen Strauss, Ebrahim Moosa and Denise Chong.

Also in this issue: Is Religion the Problem? A roundtable with Farhang Rajaee, Michal Shekel, Ronald Beiner, Thupten Jinpa and Charles Taylor.

Select Vol 1 #2 Contents for links to some articles from this issue.

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Still Available in Limited Copies: Vol.1 #1
Inaugural Issue, Summer 2003
Killing for Our Beliefs
How was Gandhi's idea of idea of non-violence inspired by Hindu teachings -- and how did those same teachings inspire his assassin? Why did Buddhist monks committed to pacifism take up arms when Chinese troops invaded Tibet? What do Muslims mean by jihad? What is "killology" and how does it help us understand why people kill? The inaugural issue of Voices explores these and many other questions.

Select Vol 1 #1 Contents for links to some articles from this issue.

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Upcoming Issues
  • Quest for the Cure: Healing and Health in the Contemporary World
    Western medicine. Traditional healing. New-age alternatives. Voices offers a global look at a universal challenge.

  • The Fact of the Matter: Praying at the Shrine of Materialism
    An exclusively secular disease or simply human nature? A look at materialism, its history and mysteries.
  • Passing Through: Celebrating the Cycle of Life
    From birth to death and everything in between, Voices explores traditional and modern-day rites of passage.
  • Restorative Justice
  • Globalization

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Voices Across Boundaries is a publication of Across Boundaries Multifaith Institute (ABMI), an educational institute whose goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of religious faith traditions, their history, practices and place in the contemporary world through research, publications and public forums.

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